Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Leakey, aka... The River!

Last weekend we went to the Pecan Farm in Leakey for our annual Culli/McKay/Camero/Rivera get-a-way!  We had a great time, but Brinley was glued to my hip.  I think it will be fun again once she is older.  For now, she's a home-body! Cayden had so much fun with all of his cousins, and I think we all really enjoyed watching him.  He LOVES being around people and having LOTS of attention.... boy did he get it!!

Brinley started crawling LAST week (at 7 months and 3 weeks).  She was able to show off some of her skills to the family.  That was fun!

Before we went to "the river," we started prepping Cayden.  We talked about Leakey and all of his cousins.  He quickly misunderstood and thought we were talking about the lake... as in LAGO!  We had to start calling it "The River" in order to help him understand a little better.  Our next obstacle was him thinking that this was Gigi & Pop's new home... and why the Gator wasn't there!!

The hat lasted about 3 minutes!!
She looks so comfy here!

Cayden pulling his princess to the river!

Chris, Aunt Linda & Brinley

The crew starts arriving!

Peanut Gallery!!!
Noone got to sit for long!!  Cayden had us all up and running around!

Rick, Kerri, Reid, Ryan, Riley & Kyle

Kennedy taking a swing on the rope!

Cayden taking a leap with Kennedy & Kyle

Cayden's turn on the rope swing!

Kennedy's 10th birthday celebration!!!

Is it just me, or does it look like
Cayden thinks this party is for him?!?!!!

Cayden LOVES birthday cake!

Uncle Ed, David, Rick & Chris

Brinley is showing off her crawling skills!

Morning coffee/juice on the porch swing!

Cayden is so strong.

It was MY bright idea to tell Cayden to play in the sprinklers. 
He does it ALL the time at home. 
I didn't know he was going to DESTROY it!!
We all gasped and then quickly grabbed our cameras!
water shooting everywhere

Thank God Matt is so handy!!  He fixed it, but got drenched!
Yay Daddy!!!

Cayden with Ky and Kennedy. 
Cayden LOVES Kennedy!!!  He talks about her all the time!
Kyle riding Cayden's bike!

The Riveras were next door.  It was fun having them so close!
The big group was by the river. 

The twins attacked Kerri... several times!

We laughed about this for a long time. 
How hilarious does this look?!?!  They loved it!


Doug, Reid, Uncle Ed, Cayden, Matt & Chris
Reese and Cayden

Matt trying to prepare for a flip! 
Riley giving him the extra push that he appeared to need!

Kyle & Kennedy

We tried to get all of the kids (minus Brinley), but Cayden was sat on top of an ant pile.
That pretty much ruined the picture!!  :(
Ryan, Reid & Cayden
Aunt Linda told them to put their arms out and
hug each other for a picture... this is what we got!!!

Aunt Linda
Cayden pulling Reese & Matt

The "Shady" crew!!

Uncle Ed was busy finding fossils!

Time to relax!

Brinley & her Gigi

Papa met us later that night at our house. 
We surprised Cayden!  He was so excited!

...can you tell??
silly boy
(both of them!)

sweet girl!
getting better at crawling everyday!

First time in the REAL high chair!!

The End to a FUN weekend!!!
Thanks Gigi & Pop! 

I actually WAS there although I didn't make it in the pictures!!  We are already looking forward to next year!  :)