Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cayden is Crazy!

Cayden is so brave and is rarely afraid to do anything!  That scares me just a little.  I'm not sure if it is a BOY thing, a TODDLER thing, or just a CAYDEN thing!!  It's nice that he's willing to try things, but he always wants to take it to the next level.  That's where the scary part comes in.  This last weekend, we were at the lake.  Cayden asked to go tubing, so Matt went tubing with him.  (This soon turned into Cayden tubing ALONE!)  He then made a request to ski ALONE.  Matt was super excited and ALL FOR IT.  I had to draw the line there.  I'm just not ready to see my barely TWO-year-old skiing... or better yet, falling while trying to learn to ski!  That just sounds terrible! 

Anyway- we've now graduated to scary things off of the diving board at the pool.  I realize they aren't that scary... but you have to realize... that's my BABY out there!!!  :)

Hopefully I won't be posting bull riding pics anytime soon!  :)


...until the next crazy video!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate!

This weekend we celebrated Kate's birthday at the lake as usual.   However, I'm not sure it was the "Best Birthday Ever" for Kate!!  She ended up hugging the toilet for about 12 hours.  We're hoping and PRAYING that none of us join her in her birthday FUN!!  I think we have about 24 hours before we are all in the clear!! 

I'm not sure how the birthday girl managed to miss most ALL of my pictures (pre-toilet hugging), but she did.  I'll have to add more from my phone later.  When I get home and plug in my camera, it is like Christmas.  I never know which pictures I am actually going to get and which ones I missed!!  Everyone was actually there!!  Sorry if it doesn't appear that way!!!  I love each and every person!

Aunt Barb with Brinley & Cayden

A failed attempt to put the footprints
of Emily, Brinley & Cody in the cement.

Cayden played SO well with Ansley and Emily this weekend.
I love that he is so close in age to his cousins!!

Kate's birthday lunch...
Thanks Uncle Mack & Aunt Barb!!

Gotta get that Brinley sugar!

Amanda and Cody

Nana & Papa with their babies!

Jake, Cayden and Uncle Mack

Is it just me, or does Cayden look like
he is hanging from the ceiling here?!!?  hehe!!
Brinley's turn!

Ansley and Brin...  "look at me Brin!"

Uncle Matt & Cody

Brinley says, "Well, hello Jake!"

Brin w/ Aunt Amanda

Uncle Mack and Aunt Barb showered the kids
with gifts.  It was like Christmas!!

Brinley adorned with her Hawaiian jewelry

Happy Birthday Kate!
I love you like a sister.  You are such a wonderful, beautiful, smart young lady!  I can't believe you are already 20!  I hope to celebrate MANY more birthdays (hopefully better) in the future.
Until then, feel better soon!  I love you!

lake pics added from my phone...

Too much junk in Cayden's trunk!

We've entered a new stage around our house...  It's the "I can do it" stage.  Below is Cayden and his newly independent self...

Talking on the phone to Gigi...
...yes BOTH legs are in one leg hole!

Uh oh!  ...Must go get more clothes!
...better put Gigi down for this!
I can multitask!
I think this is where this goes... and Yes,
I still have BOTH legs in one hole!
next, the swimsuit
Hello?!?! Can you hear me now?!?!?!!
...about to run into the bed in T-2 seconds...
Unbelievable ability to do two things at once.. while blind!
clothes everyhere!
So much to choose from!
...another day of getting dressed

Sucking it in!!!
Did I get it mommy?!?
So proud!
I get my shirt!

I think I've got it.
I did it Momma!!
How's it looking in the back Momma?
Too much JUNK?!?!?!!
Exhausted from all this work.
It's time for a drink!!