Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This past weekend we went to Beeville to celebrate Father's Day.  It was sad that we couldn't be with my dad too.  I always love it when we are with both.  Everyone had a great time.  Jean was under the weather Saturday, but thankfully she was feeling much better Sunday.  We thought we had another Meningitis scare because she had symptoms much like I did.  That would have been awful.  We were so glad that wasn't the case. 

Cayden & Matt at Family Fun Night

I had to take several mug shots of
the kids this weekend.
Hang in there with me!  :)

Cayden is SUCH a helper! (wink, wink!)
Here he is watering Brinley while saving her hat!
...much like he watered my cell phone last week!

Aunt Linda and Uncle Ed dropped by for dinner.
Brinley shared lots of smiles.

3 Generations
Pretty Special!

Jean felt much better and was able to join us for church.

Happy Father's Day!!!

Brinley and I took Cayden to Pleasanton on Monday
to drop him off with Gigi & Pop. 
Cayden saw something in Walmart that he had to have,
so Gigi had to buy Brinley something too.
We had a mini photo shoot since Cayden was out of the picture!
Brinley LOVES her feet, so it is hard to get her to look up for pictures. 
I laughed when I went through my pictures from this weekend. 
She was either looking down in most of the pictures or chewing on her toes!
I guess there will be a lot of "head shots" during this stage!

Happy Father's Day Dad!  I hate being away from you on special days like this one.  I know there are a lot of new and exciting things happening in your life.  Although I am unable to be there for all of them, I will always be there in spirit. One of the most precious things in life is praying with Cayden.  He loves to pray for his grandparents.  We always cover you in prayer; this weekend was no different.   My heart hurts when we can't be there for special events, but you can be assured that you are being prayed over. No matter the distance, we will always find a way to spend time with you.  To the greatest dad that I could have ever asked for or imagined, I love you Dad.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

We have had a super relaxing week (once we recovered from the boating incident)!  Pap and Nana have really enjoyed the kids, and I have enjoyed their help with the kids.  :)  Papa slipped away to Dallas for a couple of days, but he's on his way home as we speak.  It will be nice to get home and see Matt.  He's been doing inventory at work.  Bummer.

This picture is out of focus,
but I thought it was a really cute picture of Brinley.

Cayden helped by watering Nana's rocks!
Brinley was the supervisor.

Pictures taken on top of the dock.

Monday, June 14, 2010

So much for staying dry!!!

I wasn't going to wear my swimsuit because I wasn't planning on getting in the water. I sure am glad I did! The wind kicked up while Dad and Cayden were floating near the boat. I was feeding Brinley in the boat... just relaxing in the wind. We laughed as Dad tried to paddle the two of them closer to the boat.  After about 15 minutes of swimming towards the boat, we realized they were NOT going to catch up. Dad yelled out that he wanted me to start up the boat and come pick them up... That would have been great except the boat wouldn't start. YIKES!!

I panicked. I tried and tried, but I couldn't get it started. My dad continued to swim (backstroke) while Cayden held on to his jacket. It was funny at first because Cayden was doing his "lawnmower" pull while my dad swam as if to say, "Let's fire this thing up and get moving!!" We couldn't stop laughing, but soon enough it started to get scary. We were quickly approaching the rocks and there I was with Brinley alone. Cayden started to cry because the wind picked up even more. He was getting splashed in the face and was scared. I started throwing the rope out as far as I could. It was into the wind so of course, it did no good.

FINALLY, I had the bright idea of jumping in with a rope and swimming towards my dad. He reminded me to put on my life jacket before jumping in. Thank goodness I did. I put Brinley in the Bumbo on the floor of the boat. Thankfully we had Mr. bumbo! I dove in and swam towards them. They were further out from the rope, but I pulled against the boat. My dad was losing the color in his face. He had been swimming backwards with Cayden on his stomach for at least 20 minutes now. I took Cayden from him and we pulled ourselves back to the boat. My dad was exhausted.  It scared all of us so badly.

Dad was able to start the boat. I thought he was flooding it because he just held it down for what seemed like forever. It finally started up. Needless to say, we went straight home. The boat needs a new starter. Imagine that. :)

So much for relaxing and NOT getting my hair wet!! :) What I want to know... why did it take me 20 minutes of watching my dad struggle in the water to think of jumping in myself? I guess I didn't want to leave Brinley alone in the boat. Who knows. I am not thinking clearly these days!

We're back at home now. All is well again.

It all started great... just floating in the water.

Cayden jumped in a few times.

He tried to swim with Cayden on his back,
but Cayden wasn't a fan of that.

This was Cayden's preferred choice of travel.

See...it's fun!

...Even Dad looks happy at this point!

Brinley and I had a quick photo shoot
while we waited for them.

Slowly, they got further and further away.

This is about the point where we all started to panic. 
Can you see them WAY out there?
You can see a white dot in the middle of the picture.
That's Cayden's white hair!

Cayden was too exhausted to drive!
Brinley took over.

We're much safer on the dock.

Never a dull moment!!!